Friday, June 19, 2009

animal lover

Okay, I know this one is a little much... but I couldn't resist showing some [meaning there are more] of the magical things that Betsy Johnson has in store. I mean, OMG! These pieces are too cute. I love each and every one. I just jave a thing for animals. And even though Britney Spears was a total train wreck at one time... she truly brought sexy and live snake together. Sure, snake skin was sexy... but not a complete snake. They are sassy and intriguing. If I saw someone wearing this curiosity would strike me. What made them choose that snake? There truly is something about Mary! Lol. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do... Oh, FYI, the website I found these on was a few bucks cheaper than on the actual Betsy Johnson site, however, the Betsy Johnson site has way more options. So if you see a piece that you like but wish it was styled differently check out or and see what you get!

Betsey Johnson Snake Bracelet, $70

Here are other products by Betsy Johnson, Creative Recreation, & *The Extras:

Betsey Johnson Monkey Face Earrings, $30
Betsey Johnson Pink Lizard Earrings, $40
Betsey Johnson Snake Around Necklace, $45
Betsey Johnson Jungle Leaf Ring, $45
Betsey Johnson Snake Heart Necklace, $40
Betsey Johnson Jungle Heart Charm Bracelet, $45
Betsey Johnson Leopard Ball Earrings, $28
Betsey Johnson Barrel Bag in black Safari Park, $84
Betsey Johnson Tote in Pink Snakin Around, $104
Betsey Johnson Overnighter in Multi Safari Park, $112
Creative Recreation Galow Hi in Cheetah and Gold, $95
*The Extras Spiral Snake Ring, $22