Friday, June 19, 2009

thug life

Love this piece. It is very provocative if you ask me. I mean... what could be more oppositional than a bow and a bullet. This is indeed a great conversation piece.

Tarina Tarantino Cast Metal Hollowpoint Bullet Bead and Lucite Bow Necklace, $50

Below are other items that I also found fascinating.

Han Cholo Moving Stone Ring in Black, $54
Han Cholo 3D Ghostship Necklace, $82
...for more pieces by Han Cholo check out or
Loop Design Boom Box with Working Speakers Tote, $40
Loop Design Ghetto Blaster Tote with Working Speakers Tote, $45
Public Library LA Mugshot Tee, $44
Public Library Peace Off Tee, $28
Tarina Tarantino Labbit Ring, $50
Zuly Sex and Crime Tee, $32
GoodWood Fresh 2 Finger, $25
Soulful Cammandoe Backpack Hood, $110