Tuesday, July 14, 2009

crack kills

My first semester in college I met a bunch of wonderful women from several islands in Oceania, including New Zealand, Austrailia, and Tahiti. I noticed that several of them wore these slivers of fabric over their pants and under their tops for extra coverage. The thing about these pieces of fabric is that makes them stand apart from a camisole is that because they are not attached to your shoulders the bending a movement of your torso doesnlt budge them. These wonders protect you from that most embarrasing fashion no no... the unveiling of crack and or muffin top. I loved them and wanted my very own but there wasn't a place here that I could find them so one of my gal pals hooked me up. I loved them and unfortunately I didn't know what they were called or where I could get them for myself. Well, today I found a similar version of them with more feminine details. Crack kills! So buy these for yourself, for your family, and your friends and help make the world a better place by combating crack!

JAKs Tee Enhancers, $38