Monday, September 28, 2009

mini magic

I came across this site a few months ago and thought that I absolutely needed to post them on my site. Unfortunately, with the current traveling and all the craziness that comes along with it of course it skipped my mind. Browsing back through all of my book marks there was Built By Wendy. Unfamiliar with what I had previously viewed I clicked the link and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the same site I had fallen in love with months earlier. At first glance the pictures don't do justice. Contemplating that thought, I had a self discussion that went something like this: When do pictures ever truly pay justice to that amazing piece that feels one million times better against your skin than in a picture, or on a hanger for that matter? Double click on any one of her designs and see it on a body and I am sure you will agree that the only thing that might be better than owning one of these amazing Built By Wendy pieces is perhaps being built by Wendy herself.

Built By Wendy minidress, $338

other great pieces from Built By Wendy can be found at