Sunday, June 14, 2009

jungle camo

We all know it is a big huge no no to rock the athletic wear in the corporate world... but I suggest in the wonderful world of fashion that I enjoy so well we mix it up, stop living according to the rules, wear what you love, and be different. I envision these shoe with a fuscia strapless dress that has a full skirt that stops mid thigh and a cropped leather jacket. Spice it up with some lime green lace gloves and enjoy a day out shopping with the crew or cruising the book store for a great novel. I think there is something totally chic about the edgy shoe and the biker jacket that marries with the vulnerability and femininity of the dress that is just FABULOUS! Know no boundaries! If fuscia is just not for you, try a canary yellow, a deep purple, or even a blue.

DC Admiral Wo, not yet released