Sunday, June 14, 2009

new tat

I love love love bags with "stuff" and that can hold a lot of "stuff". A very wise woman (aka my mother) once said that if you are a big woman, you don't wear tiny jewelry, it makes you look even bigger. Well, same thing with a purse. If you are fortunate to wear a size 0, 2, 4, or 6 then congratulations. I applaud you if you work on it and are able to keep it done... I hate you if you were born that way and can have children and eat whatever you want with no consequence. The hate is really love though, and admiration for your luck. If you are like me and wear double digits then pay close attention. Rocking a large tote not only allows you to be prepared for what comes your way but makes you appear to not be so large. It's a trick on the eye. And everyone will be like... wow, look at that tote... not wow, look at [fill in blank]. not only that... but remember, metallic is totally in. If you are going to rock the purse, then rock the shoes. Please don't rock a blazer, pants, shoes, purse, headband, belt... you catch what I mean.

Coach Tattoo Magazing Tote, $358
PUMA Golf Chrome Handbag, $90