Wednesday, July 15, 2009

prescription filled

I have mixed feelings about these products. They are almost like an over-the-counter facial antibiotic, which might come with slight side effects. I suggest that you use a sample to ensure that your skin doesn't react indifferently to the products. Also, before making the decision to splurge for these products, try other brands and see how those work for you. The description of the product and how it is supposed to work will be different for everyone because, well, everyone's skin is different. Just remember, al though these products are maybe a little more costly than you want to spend, it's cheaper than a face lift or laser skin correction. These products contain five ingredients, proven by science, which, through years of research, are able to prevent early aging signs, correct damage, maintain a youthful appearance, and keep it healthy for the future. Prevent, correct, repair, restore, skin clear, and universal products are regimines designed specifically for what you need now. Be sure that you consider your age and exactly what you want from your skin. Also, if you are weary, maybe consult a dermatologist. They are the expert and can tell you exactly what your skin needs and might have some inside information on these products. Also, love yourself for your flaws. Don't depend on these magical potions to improve your happiness. You love yourself the way you are. If they make things better for you than you'll be elated but if not, you still have to love you. Don't depend on media validation. Depend on self-love and acceptance.

Perricone MD at Sephora, $35-$325