Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Universal USB

You get to the cash register and realize, batteries! They aren't included. Fortunately for you, they keep batteries right up front along with your favorite gum, candy bar, and bottled beverage. These are all placed perfectly to get you to buy just one more item, spend just one more dollar, and more often than not, you do! But is it fortunate that those batteries are sitting there readily available? Save the planet, one USB port at a time. How? With these rechargable AA batteries. Here are a few quick tidbits of information to help you understand how you can save the world with batteries: Every year fifteen billion batteries are produced and disposed of. Batteries lay in landfills and corrode, releasing toxic metals into the environment. These toxins, including mercury and cadmium, which are becoming prevalent in soil and water in higher quantities each year. Cadmium is toxic to aquatic life and can cause seafood to be inedible for humans. Nickel-cadmium is also released and is a human carcinogen. All of this due to a battery that you can use one time. So why buy these batteries when you can buy the rechargable batteries that plug into an outlet? They rarely ever get use. When out and about do you remember to bring the outlet charger? Probably not the first thing you think to pack and it gets lost easily. However, you probably have a netbook, a notebook, and or a pc. Flip the top back, plug them in, and in just a few minutes you have power for hours and are saving the planet! So go ahead and celebrate. Go-green without going insane!

USBcell AA Batteries - 2 Pack, $16

*cost based off of euro to dollar conversion as of 07.15.09