Friday, July 31, 2009


YDEK (you dont even know) is a sub-blog to sass-n-swag. currently it's monthly and will have recaps of what i think was significant in fashion, my favs favs favs, and whatever else I like because, quite honestly, it's my blog! I'm just saying, the whole point to having your own blog is to let the world know what you think, and trust me, I have absolutely NO problem with that! So stay tuned.


I don't like celebrities, I don't like famous people. I don't mean don't like as in can't stand, I mean don't like as in not obsessed with, not giddy over, and can totally keep my composure in the presence of. Chrisitian Siriano is not famous he is not a celebrity. There are no words, in fact, that describe the magnitude of the importance of Chrisitian Siriano in this world. If you don't love Christian Siriano, then you need to get a reality check. You don't even know, okay. He is absolutely fabuloso to the bazillionth power. But that doesn't even begin to cover it. The personaloity that we all know as Chrisitan Siriano cannot be duplicated. He is truly inspirational. And p.s., it is only fitting that the "fuck the haters" tattoo that Brad rocks be everpresent... because it you are a Christian Siriano hater, child, I am not going to try and change your perspective, but I personally feel that you are crazy! Don't miss his next twitcam session, like I did by like minutes, which by the way scarred me for life. Love love love Christian Siriano... FYI, if you didn't hear him, his Victoria Secret make-up line launches less than two weeks! Payless collab collection will be in stores between August 25th and September 5th... pick it up, you know you want to. Book launches October 5th.


A new law has been proposed that will extend copyright protection to clothing.
The Design Piracy Prohibition Act, DPPA, which is currently pending, will offer limited copyright protection to independent designers. In order to enable the protection designers will have to pay a fee to register their designs.
In Europe and Japan fashion has strong copyright protection. In fact, copyrigt protection in Europe lasts twenty-five years.
The Council of Fashion Designers of America, whose designers are vulnerable to copyists, are in full support of the DPPA, hoping that it will enable designers to retain more profit and more credit for their work.
The larger American Apparel and Footwear Association, who represent some retailers that the law will impact, oppose it.
Some believe that it will encourage collaboration on both sides of the fashion world. Without the law copying will continue, which will hurt their business. Others believe that it will put a monopoly of fashion, making designs more expensive and reducing choices for the consumer.
Might the law also hurt independent designers it was written to protect by risking getting hit with an expensive copyright lawsuit?
People know when they are buying caviar and when they are buying tuna salad. Take the poll on my blog and let me know what you think.
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The 16 new contestants were revealed. They are:
42 yr. old Qristyl Frazier of (NY), 30 yr. old Johnny Sakalis (LA), 50 yr. old Rodney Epperson (NY), 26 yr. old Mitchell Hall (GA), 27 yr. old Nicolas Putvinski (NY), 25 yr. old Logan Neitzel (WA), 24 yr. old Malvin Vien (NY), 25 yr. old Shirin Asakari (TX), 32 yr. old Louise Black (TX), 25 yr. old Althea Harper (NY), 45 yr. old Gordana Gehlhausen (CA), 27 yr. old Irina Shabeveva (NY), 30 yr. old Christopher Straub (MN), 26 yr. old Ari Fish (MO), 31 yr. old Ra’Mon-Lawrence Coleman (WI), and 24 yr. old Carol Hannah Whitfield (NY).
For those of you who don’t know, Lifetime is the new home of our beloved Project Runway and it will premiere on August 20th. Our host/judge Heidi Klum is still intact, along with judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan will be making cameos during this season’s challenges. And the star of the show, Tim Gunn, will of course be there as the beloved mentor we all know and love. Be sure to “holler at your boy” and “make it work”.
Also, Lifetime introduces “Models of the Runway” which will look at the reality competition through the eyes of the models. It will premier following the debut of “Runway”. Be there, or be out girl!


Teen Vogue is releasing a guide to get in on the fashion industry for all of those enthusiastic fashionistas out there. It isn’t set to be released until October 5 of this year, but you can pre-order it from Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. It features advice from fashion insiders, including Marc Jacobs, Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, editors, and assistants. So, if you decide that the fashion world is one that you really want to be a part of be, be sure that you pick up this must-have guide to your dreams!


Okay, so my blog doesn't really have a price point, it is just whatever I see that I like and or love randomly gets put up. The thing with that is that not everyone can afford the Alexander McQueen clutch that I whole-hartedly would die for, except for the fact that I wouldn't get to reap the benefits of actually using the clutch if I were infact deceased. In any case, there is a fabulous blog run by an inspirational entrepreneur that captures everything you want, everything you need, and everything you can afford! In fact, she is saving the planet one purchase at a time by finding great buys for less that share how you can reduce, reuse, and recylce! And we all know green is the new black, so get with it! Her mantra: "Because Normal Is Boring, and We're Not Made of Money! Beautiful Clothes under $30". Anywho, I find her blog truly refreshing because she has a deeper purpose than just posting to post, she is trying to help you keep up with this crazy fashion world that we all know and love, while trying to save you money. On top of her slaving away to bring us fabulous items for less, she has a jewelry line made of quality product for a great value! What could be the name of this bargain beauty? Well, her blog is entitled The Thrifty Stylist but her jewelry line is called Desiree Designs. Either way, this savvy sister is working it out... you don't even know, but I want you to, so go check her out, you most definately won't be disappointed! Oh, and P.S. leave her a comment to let her know what you think about what she is doing. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that what you are doing appeals to at least one person. It makes it all worthwhile!


Okay, so I know that it seems kind of odd that out of all of the things I posted this month that I would pick an eyelash curler... to those of you who own the SHu Uemura eyelash curler, you understand the need to put it on blast. I will say that I am not "obsessed" about makeup but I do like it and wear it and enjoy applying it attractively. I mean, I wish that I was one of those women that has flawless skin and a perfect tan, to which she only need apply lip gloss... but I don't. So I like to test all of these "magical" products that supposedly help me out. Quite frankly, I don't post a lot of beauty products because I am very tough on them, probably more than I should be, but I feel like I buy a product to do what it says it will. For instance, I buy an eyeshadow to get that color, if it doesn't come out that way I might not care for it. Harsh? Not when I am using a white
base to capture the lustre of it. Girl if it don't work, it isn't happening over here. If I buy a moisurizer for combination skin I expect it to keep my dry areas moisturized, my oily area under control, and my normal places performing at their best. I do not like false advertisement, and I will call you out for that. Anyway, this Shu Uemura eyelash curler is fabulus! I curl as close to the lash line as I can get and apply two coats of mascara to my lashes. For those of you who love the volume, don't get ahead of yourself. If you add too much mascara before you curl your lashes it will just clump off. So I apply two coats. Curl again, pumping a few times and then holding, if I release the eyelash curler and my lashes are stuck to it, I move the curler with the direction my lashes are curling to keep the curl in. If I just wiggle it downwards or outward to get it loose, at least when I do it, my curl doesn't come out as well. Then I add more coats of mascara from the root up. Surprisingly, my lashes stayed nice and curled for hours. I love love love this product... you don't even know, if you haven't picked it up yet you are missing out, shoot girl, I was. Hookk yourself up at Sephora.

To read my blog about the discovery of this eyelash curler click here.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, $19