Monday, August 03, 2009

shuck it

You ever had one of those days that you just wish was over? It's not so mush that it is a horrid day, but it just isn't what you expected it to be. Well, before my currently permanent hiatus from the great world of retail, I had several of those days. I felt like there was just too much to do, too little time, not enough help, not enough appreciation, how would I make it to the end of my eight hour shift (which usually became ten or twelve)?
Alas, the savior I knew as my break, which I referred to as base (as in that lovely game of tag you used to play, where base was an impenitrable force that allowed safety). When (and if) I escaped for my "base time" on one of those days, I would run upstairs to McDonalds. It's not what you think. I didn't drown my sorrows in that oh so appetizing Big Mac, which by the way looks nothing like the picture, I would buy an ice cream cone for $1.05 (that includes tax). With one slurp of that delectable sweetened frozen dairy product I could see my world through rose colored glasses. There was a sudden peace that would come over me and joy that would fill my heart. Returning back to work, from my currenlty perfect break, seemed long awaited.
I have one favorite food to which I attribute many great memeories growing up in Hawaii and spending time with my grandmother. It isn't something overly complicated or made from scratch. It isn't something that is a well-known staple here either. Infact, you can pick up the ingredients from almost any grocery store. It is Buitoni angel hair pasta and Buitoni pesto sauce with Basil. It's the first meal I learned how to make on a stove. Boil water. Add pasta. Drain water. Stir in sauce. Eat. I can remember eating it at the kitchen table with my grandmother after a morning of her sewing and me rifling through her trash bin for bits of fabric to make my own creations. Some of the best moments of my life were contemplated over a bowl of that very same pasta.
I am sure you are wondering what the point of me sharing these, although intriguing, unrelated stories to this blog that I have started. I am sure that all of you have felt the stress I have. If you don't have a blog, but are thinking about creating one, you should. But remember to do it for yourself. Don't be concerned with how many people actually read it or whether or not people approve of what you are doing, as long as it pleases you, that is all that matters. Fellow bloggers, I know that all of you, like I have, have gotten to that point in your blog where you feel like there is just so much on your plate, might as well just stop blogging because you can't dedicate your all to it. Just breathe... the time will pass. In case you feel it won't, here is a little pick me up that I discovered recently.
Needless to say, I had never bought anything from Starbucks. Okay, I know it seems a little bit crazy because Starbucks has badically become a staple in the American culture, but because I am not a coffee person, it just wasn't my thing. That has officially changed since my trip to California at the beginning of July. I was introduced to chilled Tazo Passion Tea. Need I say anymore? Of course! It is delecious. I currently crave it at least once every other day. It has gotten to the point that I need not speak to order. I walk in and they know what I want. It is prepared by the time I get to the front of the line. I pay, and tip well, as they hand it to me. The bonus to the already fabulous tea experience is that it is $2.20 (tax included). So, because of my noticeably intense love for it my husband bought me the packets from a grocery store. It isn't the same as getting it from Starbucks, where my infatuation started, but it's a close second. I sip it with my brunch as I listen to the birds, the wind, the pitter patter of my son (finally) crawling across the floor, and the tapping of my keys on the keyboard of my netbook. It puts me back in the zone. Relaxed, happy, and focused. Give it a try, if you haven't already, I am sure that you will not be disappointed. Order it like this: Venti Tazo Passion with sweetener. Add two sweet-n-low, one more if you like your tea really sweet. Stir. Sip. Fall in love.
Still searching for a reason to tie it into fashion? If you haven't pulled it out of my head for me, let me tell you. When you splurge on a piece, be sure that it is truly worth it. I know that when I find a piece that I truly love, my mind goes to the place I have been referring to. Don't feel obligated to keep up with the trend and inevitably max out your credit cards to keep up. Further more, the quantity of money you spend is not important, neither really is quality if you only plan on using the item of your choice for a short period of time. However, if it is a staple that you hope to keep, be sure that the quantity of money you are spending matches up with the quality of the piece you are buying and your happiness level. Make sure that you'll be able to buy it guilt free. Pure joy is what you are looking for and i'm sure it is out there waiting for you to find it, sometimes in the most unlikely of all places. I know I have probably given a lot of advice in this one post, but here is a little more. Don't be afraid of the way a shop looks, look anywhere and everywhere. Do shop at thrift stores. Do shop at consignment stores. Do shop yard sales. Don't limit yourself by what you see on a hanger. Who knows, you could be pleasantly surprised. The world is truly a fashion oyster, you just have to know how to shuck it.