Monday, August 03, 2009

who gon' check me boo boo?

For all of those Real Housewives fans out there. If you missed it, last Thursday was the season premiere of the Atlanta housewives and it was worth the hour of time. I mean, not to sound like I have nothing better to do, but I love the drama. The housewives are so important to me that I am not surfing the web for steals, deals, and banana peels... okay, maybe not banana peels, but it rhymes. I mean beautiful things (hey it starts with a "b", don't judge me!).
Anywho. Sheree was not having a great time with her party planner, who by the way sounded like he needed a tissue. He was losing his mind. Child, what is wrong with him. I mean, that is your business. You can't act out like that on television. You are in the business of planning parties. It is going to be stressful and you have to be level headed. I was dying. It was a consensus with the other fans that it was all about his ten minutes of fame. If he is out there reading this, you make good television, but not a great representative. PS. blow your nose.

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