Friday, August 07, 2009

sneak attack

I must admit, I love sneakes. In fact, currently I only have one pair of heels that a friend of mine from college gave to me because she didn't want them when her mom sent them from Austrailia. But I have twelve pairs of shoes, only one of which is for running (so you know it doesn't really ever get worn). It's not that I don't like heels, I just have an issue with showing my feet. I mean, they're not tore up or anything, but I don't get much time to get pedicures. I am always with my son and I don't want to get a babysitter because I stopped working to stay home with him so I DIM (do it myself). Anyway, although they don't show toes, I love them because I feel like they are the best of both of my worlds. These are definately a must have.

Pierre Hardy sneaker bootie, $1205